Welcome to the Community Law Blog

I’m Jason Quackenbush, the founder and principal attorney at Quackenbush Community Law.

This blog is going to be mostly about the work I do, but I’ll cover a range of other topics as well. While it would be irresponsible of me to try to give general legal advice about specific issues to people through the website, I am interested in addressing general topics that people are interested in. So if you are curious about my thoughts about a legal problem or a policy question, shoot me an email and ask about it. I’ll try to address it in a future blog post.

I do hope that the information I post here will be topical and interesting to anyone who happens on the site. If you’re looking for a lawyer, by all means, please do give me a call at 206.243.8781 if you want me to help you with your legal issue. But if you’re just here out of curiosity or for a random google search, let me know in the comments what sort of content you’d like to see and I’ll do what I can to answer any questions folks have in future blog posts.